Looking For Lizzie – The True Story of an Ohio Madam, Her Sporting Life and Hidden Legacy

Look for Lizzie on Amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1492733407/

Softcover [Illustrated] • 273 pages • March 1, 2014 • Amazon.com

ISBN-13: 978-1492733409 • ISBN-10: 1492733407

“Debra Lape’s ‘Looking for Lizzie’ is a magnificent and subversive study in Americana, part of our history that has been too long hidden away, now restored to us in all of its ambiguous glory.    If you want to experience America with all of the challenges that it presented to an ambitious 19th century woman, this will be a revelation.” 

Tim Page – Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, editor and biographer of the American author Dawn Powell 

“I loved this story! Resolute gumshoe Debra Lape has unearthed an arousing tale of an ill-famed Midwest madam of long ago who just happened to be perched high on her family tree. Lape tells all, as she amazes and delights with brassy characters and a stirring familial tale with lessons for today.”

Chip Bishop – Author of “The Lion and the Journalist” and “Quentin and Flora”

“There is heart and soul in Lizzie’s story.  I had trouble putting the book down and finished it in the wee hours.  Two weeks later, I read it again.”

Sally Maier – Historian/Curator, Shelby Museum of History, Shelby, Ohio

“Lizzie Lape’s bizarre and historically important life would never had been uncovered if one of her great-great granddaughters hadn’t been researching her genealogy. Lizzie Lape’s late in life religious conversion had all but obscured the legacy of her eight marriages, her twenty years running one of Ohio’s most famous brothels, and her impact on the legal system.”

Ash M. Richter – AllDay.com – “History’s 10 Most Famous Brothel Madams” 2015